Gathering the generations,

Remembering who we are,

Sharing our life stories,

Connecting the human family.


We are the storytelling species. We think in story form, speak in story form, and bring meaning to our lives through story. Stories inform, inspire, teach, and guide us.

Reclaiming story is part of our birthright. Telling our own story enables us to be heard, recognized, and acknowledged by others. We are eager to find our own voices by which we can be known to others. It is only through telling our own story that our truth can be told, and that the meaning of our life can be identified.

Everyone has an important life story to tell! Starting with the need to make sense of our lives before it is too late, StoryCommons is bringing the age-old tradition of storytelling into the digital age by assisting individuals, families, and communities to remember, record, and preserve life stories. This also helps keep us in touch with family and friends, while learning more about each other as our common storytelling DNA emerges through the common motifs and life experiences we all express in our stories and share as members of the human family. This is where our collective wisdom is stored, and it is open to all to explore and benefit from.

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